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  Here you'll find free interactive workshops that provide you with the know-how to help you establish and run your business. Get real-world business strategies and industry knowledge from online workshops designed to help your business grow and succeed. The workshops provide in-depth strategies and solutions to help you manage, operate and build your business, and are accessible 24/7 at no charge. Stay tuned for even more valuable information and workshops in the coming months.

Starting Your Business
Conducting a Market Analysis
Developing a Business Plan
Targeting Your Market
Analyze Your Competition
Creating a Strategic Plan
Analyzing Your Competition
Maintaining an Agile Company
Pricing Your Products and Services
Determining Your Company's Legal Structure
Protecting Your Business with Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks
Managing Your Finances
Preparing a Balance Sheet
Managing Your Cash Flow
Running a Profitable Company
Creating a Profit and Loss Statement
Preparing a Cash Budget
Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
Assessing Your Company's Financial Needs
Pricing Your Products and Services
Partners and Investors
Valuing a Business
Marketing Your Business
. Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
. Identifying Your Sales Strategy
. Building Your Brand
. Promoting Your Business
. Advertising Your Business
. Building a Web Site

Business Tools
Here you’ll find a complete tool kit providing you with the know-how to establish your company’s vision, prepare a business plan, identify a target market and conduct competitive analysis.
. Starting Your Business:
. Protecting Your Business:
. Managing Your Finances:
. Marketing Your Business:
. Financing Your Business:
. Managing Your Employees:
. Growing Your Business:

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